As worshipers who lead other worshipers, submission needs to at the heart of what we do. As we keep submitting ourselves and the talents we bring, we will see the Lord do soooooooooooooooooo much more than we could ever conceive of by ourselves. I want to encourage you to keep expecting more and never be afraid to respond to the voice of God in your times of worship together in whatever church context you find yourself. As a musician or singer if you get something wrong or it did not come off how you would have liked it, let that feeling go! God does not condemn you, so neither should you (Romans 8). Instead, be open to correction and be willing to be lead. Come to rehearsals and a Sunday meeting with a heart to follow the worship leader on the day; but more importantly, to follow God who is the reason we all are there in the first place. If you come with that attitude, all the “should I?, Shouldn’t I?” will fall quickly into place.

During the rest of your week, I encourage you to take time to go deeper in worship. By this I mean, spend time being more intimate. Apart from the amazing times you can have belting out a song as you’re running to work or singing along to a song on your Ipod, take time to turn all the sound around you and in you down to a place where it’s just you and Jesus. This will mean alone time away from everyone else and all the things that so quickly crowd your day( phone,food, Tv, laptop, friends, notebook, your guitar???). Give that a try and spend time listening first then speaking.

As you grow in these things you will find yourself being lead by Holy Spirit more easily when there is a lot going on around you. If you already do these things, excel even more. Worship is one of the few things that we do on earth that will keep going when we get to heaven, so don’t stop; there’s so much more to know.

1As the deer pants for the water brooks, So my soul pants for You, O God. 2My soul thirsts for God, for the living God; When can I go and meet with God?

Intimacy is such a key.

Worship happens at a place of intimacy.

Intimacy happens when you love someone.

Worship needs intimacy

Intimacy needs love

A person grows in love when there is a relationship to base it on. How can we have a relationship with God? Only by accepting the covenant God made with us. Do you know you have been forgiven completely and your Father God loves you completely? Until we grasp a measure of how deeply the Lord loved us and gave Himself to free us, we will not come to that place of intimacy where we are bowled over in love with our saviour. Who is the one who loves much? The one who was forgiven much (rather the one who sees how much they’ve been forgiven).

Returning to the idea of intimacy, do you see how going deeper in worship, will mean you go deeper into forgiveness, faith, hope, love and everything else that God has offered? So my encouragement to you again is, go deeper….deep enough to disappear…where none of you is left…it’s all Him!!!


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