The big idea here is Jesus!  Apart from being your friendly neighborhood Indo-American who is thrilled to be alive (saved from sin and healed from a heart condition), I’m a husband to a beautiful and godly wife, father to four amazing kids, and a brother who serves as the lead pastor/elder to a local church. As someone who has had the privilege of traveling and living in different cultures, I am extremely thankful for one constant- The Church of Jesus! Wherever I am, whether a day or a decade, I see that building the Body of Christ is crucial part of why I exist; both, to those who are in the fold and to those who are far off.

My aim through this site is two fold. Firstly, it is a place to chronicle the discoveries I make as a Jesus follower and worshiper. Secondly, it is my way of offering others on their adventure with God, insights from God’s Word and life lessons from my adventure thus far. My hope is that anything read here does more than inform, but give each Jesus follower something practical to live out in daily life.

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