For those who do not have access to large libraries or study software, here are some tools that might be useful in your study of the Bible. 

1) Blue Letter Bible: Good inbuilt study tools for individual verses and passages
2) Harmony of the Gospels: Study the same event as it appears in the gospels
3) Names of God in the Old Testament
4) Reference Look up: List of scriptures that tell us who God is and who we are
5) Reference Look up: List of Scriptures that tell us what to ‘put on’ and ‘put off’
6) Encyclopedia of the International Standard Bible
Extra-Biblical Accompanying Resources
1) John Piper books Ebooks for free ( 50+ available on
2) Desiring God : Sermons, Articles and Commentaries presented systematically and neatly
3) Treasury of David: Commentary on the Psalms- Charles Spurgeon
4) John Calvin’s Commentary on the entire Bible
Disclaimer: All work produced and displayed through any of the links on this page in their entirety is the work of other persons and as such copyrighted where applicable.

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