If you would like grow as a worship team and worshipper, here are some practical resources I have found over the years from a variety of backgrounds.

Worship Central: http://www.worshipcentral.org

A good network for worship teams to learn and grow together. The brain child of worship leader Tim Hughes and others at Holy Trinity Brompton in London, WC was set up to equip and enable worship teams in local churches through forums, videos, seminars, and worship events. WC also run a year long training school in Worship ministry which is very thorough and practical.

Leadworship: http://www.leadworship.com

Paul Baloche is one of the most influential worship songwriters and leaders in recent times. He has dedicated himself to training and equipping smaller churches and worship teams with not only practical tools to be better musically but also with spiritual tools to be an effective worshipper. The team that travel with him include people like Carl Albrecht (drummer), Don Harris (bass), Ed Kerr (Keyboards), etc… All these people are extremely talented musicians, but more importantly- worshippers!  He has developed an entire DVD training series that looks at the different aspects of building an effective worship team. I highly recommend this.

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